IDS NXT Vision App Creator 1.0 for Windows


System requirements   

For installing IDS NXT Vision App Creator, the following system requirements must be met:


If you want to build vision apps with the IDS NXT Vision App Creator also the installation of the Oracle Virtual Box is required. Download the software from:

Note: You do not require the extension pack for Oracle Virtual Box.

Installing and setting up Oracle Virtual Box

  1. Download the software.
  2. Install the software like described on
  3. After installation, start the Oracle Virtual Box.
  4. Go to "Tools > Preferences".
  5. Check the directory for the virtual machines under "General".
  6. If necessary, change the settings of the "Default Machine Folder". Make sure that enough disk space is available for the virtual machine.

Installing IDS NXT Vision App Creator

NOTICE! Do not install IDS NXT Vision App Creator with administrator privileges.

  1. Extract the archive.
  2. Double-click on the extracted file to start the installation. The installation is menu-driven.
  3. Optionally, you can change the installation directory. Make sure that you have write and read access to the directory.
  4. Click on "Install" to start the installation.
  5. Click on "Finish" to quit setup program.

First start   

Start the IDS NXT Vision App Creator via "Start > IDS > IDS NXT Vision App Creator".

Note: The program sets up the virtual machine and searches for available compilers on the system at first start. This process may take a few minutes and the program will stop responding.

Project directory

During installation, the directory "C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\NXT" is automatically set as default directory. If you want to store projects in a different directory, set up an additional directory in the IDS NXT Vision App Creator under "Tools > Options > IDS NXT". Then, restart the IDS NXT Vision App Creator and the virtual machine to apply the changed settings. How to setup an additional project directory is described step by step in the manual for the IDS NXT Vision App Creator.

Configuring a IDS NXT device

If you want to deploy a vision app from IDS NXT Vision App Creator to an IDS NXT camera, you must configure the camera unter "Tools > Options > Devices". How to setup a camera is described step by step in the manual for the IDS NXT Vision App Creator.

New project

Use the project wizard to start a new project for a vision app or a plugin. The project wizard automatically creates the correct project settings and a initial project structure.

Example projects

You can download source code examples for the IDS NXT Vision App Creator at:

This archive contains the following directories:

Directory Content
0_CompileOpenCV Script to compile OpenCV on the virtual machine (see also description in the manual for the IDS NXT Vision App Creator)
1_GrayValue The simple example shows how to determine the gray value in an ROI.
2_Facedetect-OpenCV The example shows face detection in conjunction with OpenCV.
3_Classification-DeepOeanCore The example shows the simple classification with a CNN using the "deep ocean core".
4_Persondetector-DeepOeanCore The example shows person detection with a CNN including optional pixelation.

List of contained files / dependencies   

The software includes some parts that are copyright-protected from access by third parties, and which were published under Open Source licensing conditions, see list on


NOTICE! No administrator privileges are required to uninstall the IDS NXT Vision App Creator.

To uninstall IDS NXT Vision App Creator, use the menu-driven setup program. Proceed as following:

  1. Start the setup of the IDS NXT Vision App Creator.
  2. Select "Remove" for uninstallation.
  3. Confirm the prompt with "Yes".
    IDS NXT Vision App Creator and the virtual machine is uninstalled.
  4. Optionally: If you no longer need Oracle Virtual Box, uninstall this software as well.

The default uninstallation under Windows 10 "Apps & Features" always uses administrator privileges. Therefore, it may happen that no corresponding files are found during uninstallation. Use the same user for the uninstallation as for the installation. Open "Start > Programs > IDS > IDS NXT Vision App Creator" and click the right mouse button above the entry to call "Uninstall". Alternatively, use the entry "IDS NXT Vision App Creator" under "Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features".

Known issues   

Issue Details Solution
Settings in the IDS NXT Vision App Creator do not work There is a problem with the settings within the IDS NXT Vision App Creator so you cannot compile or deploy any vision apps or plugins. You have to reset the IDS NXT Vision App Creator and reboot your PC. This could be done by calling the setup with the "Repair" option. The virtual machine must be stopped first.
NOTICE! The virtual machine will be deleted and all user settings are reset.
Warning "Clock skew detected" when building a project When the project is built, a warning is issued that the clocks are not synchronous ("Clock skew detected"). The virtual machine runs with a Linux operating system. The time on the virtual machine may differ from the time on the host PC.


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