Release Notes for IDS NXT OS 1.2



These release notes describe the changes of the IDS NXT OS 1.2. From this version on, it is necessary to change the default password before the live image of the camera can be displayed. The "User" user class now also requires a password to log on to the camera.

Firmware update

Important! It is not possible to downgrade a device running firmware version 1.1.x.

IDS NXT OS 1.2.2   

Bug fixes

Status: 2021-09-24

IDS NXT OS 1.2.1   

Bug fixes

Status: 2021-06-11

IDS NXT OS 1.2.0   

New and changed functions

IMPORTANT! When you log on to the camera for the first time with the IDS NXT cockpit, IDS NXT OS 1.2 requires that you change the initial password. For this purpose you need IDS NXT cockpit 2.0 version 2.2!

General improvements

Bug fixes

Status: 2021-03-19

Known issues


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