Release Notes for IDS USB3 Vision Firmware 2.9



These release notes describe the changes of the USB3 Vision Firmware 2.9 which adds support for new camera models as well as bug fixes.

New camera models

From USB3 Vision firmware 2.9 on, new models are supported. Refer to the datasheet to identify which new features are supported by single camera models.

Firmware update

NOTICE! Former USB3 Vision cameras (USB 3 uEye LE/USB 3 uEye ML) cannot be updated with this firmware as these models are not supported by the firmware.

New and changed functions   

GPIO feature for uEye XLE USB 3

Vision firmware 2.9 introduces support of the GPIOs for the uEye XLE USB 3 camera models. This requires a modified camera hardware. You can distinguish the hardware via the DeviceVersion node.

Additional pixel formats for uEye XLE USB 3

When operating the uEye XLE USB 3 cameras with IDS peak, you can now also use IDS-specific 10-bit and 12-bit pixel formats. For more information refer to the IDS peak manual (chapter "Image color formats (PixelFormat)").

Known issues   


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